Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home, but sadly, most are only used for three months of the year due to cold temperatures. If you’d like to comfortably swim all year round, Quality Pool Service can maximise the use of your pool with an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating method. We’re at the forefront of environmentally friendly solar pool heating technology and can supply and install the very latest in solar heating equipment for a variety of pool sizes.

The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Solar energy has rapidly become the most popular form of pool heating in Australia. Aside from extending the length of your swimming season, solar pool heating has the following benefits:

  • Solar energy is clean and uses no chemicals or fossil fuels that are damaging to the environment.
  • Unlike an electric heat pump, there are no expensive mechanical parts that wear out and need replacing.
  • Solar energy reduces household energy costs, meaning you save more money.
  • The sun’s energy is free and lasts forever.


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